Studio City - AMENITIES

Filinvest created Studio City with much emphasis on accommodating young professionals who are too busy day-in and day-out yet too young to be deprived of life’s pleasure, it was packed with amenities, both indoor and outdoor, to allow even the busiest ones to “have a life” to enjoy. 

Alongside these best amenities in life, Studio City as a residential community have the best features by far. These include: 

Fully Gated Community: to ensure that residents and occupants are secured 24/7 in 365 days, the entire Studio City premises is gated with guarded entrances and exits. 

Fully Vegetated Environment: Within the inner bounds of its premises, beautifully lined trees and lush vegetation are yours to enjoy. Fully maintained plants adorn the entire surroundings to mimic a peaceful and a cleaner environment right within the heart of a busy metropolis. Surely, you will enjoy fresh clean air within its compound and you are treated to instant provincial settings with the ambiance not too far from any rural place you already know. 

Water Features: Studio City grounds will surprise you with its own water features. This will help you enjoy life, get a refreshed view of the surroundings with water splashes and all. 

Swimming Pools: Because swimming is a good sport to enjoy, Studio City grounds were provided with best-designed pools. Aside from the adult pools, there are also kiddie pools right within the same spot. Swimming pools are good socialization spots as well. Residents and occupants of the same community have chances of meeting or making acquaintances. 

Cabanas in open spaces & sitting areas: For those who are too timid to get wet or do some swimming, yet want to spend time outdoors in shady places reading books or sharing some light moments with friends, they can always make use of the open cabanas. There are also sitting areas in open areas for everyone to share and enjoy. 

Landscaped Gardens: having a fully landscaped gardens is a Filinvest signature in most of the construction projects it completed. Proudly, Studio City has these fully landscaped gardens which could truly treat the eyes. 

Jogging Patch: With a clean surrounding and fully secured perimeters, occupants and residents can enjoy their morning jogging exercises, in fact, any time of the day, using the pre-provisioned jogging paths. No need to go out and get endangered of passing cars. Right within the grounds of Studio City, is a space allotted for joggers. With the trees and plants all over the place, you get that fresh air while doing your exercises. 

Car Park: each tower has ground level parking spaces allotted for safe parking for occupants, residents and their visitors. With these available facilities, all 

Indoor facilities and amenities: available within each tower are function rooms, party rooms, gym and aerobics area and a game room. With these functional amenities, occupants and residents don’t need to go out to avail of the said facilities.

Outdoor Amenities

  • Water feature
  • Swimming pool with cabana
  • Basketball court
  • Jogging path
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Open sitting areas

Indoor Amenities

  • Gym & aerobics room
  • Game room
  • Party room
  • Function room
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